The Future Is Vocational | No Edge Lines Season 2 Episode 2

Brandon travels to see Eosso Brothers Paving in New Jersey, trains on an asphalt milling machine for the first time with a graduate of the local Ocean County Vocational Technical School (OCVTS), tours the program, and takes a stab at sealcoating a Wawa.

The biggest topic in construction has been the ongoing labor shortage, as well as how to solve it. It only has one real answer, though, and that's more available labor. With this in mind, Brandon heads out to visit Tom Eosso of Eosso Brothers Paving (And 2024 Contractor of the Year) to see just how he and his team has been addressing their labor needs with the help of the local Ocean County Vocational Technical School District (OCVTS).

Brandon gets some first time training on a large Wirtgen asphalt milling machine and on a sealcoating job for a Wawa location, and the two employees who help show him the ropes are actually graduates from the OCVTS program.

Wanting to see more, Brandon gets to take a tour of the OCVTS campus in Jackson, NJ, with their principal and spent some time talking with a couple students about why they chose the trades program instead of college, as well as, their ambitions for the future. Make sure to checkout this first part of a two part mega-episode! 

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