FPT Construction Range Engines

Innovation, performance and constant improvement, these are the drivers for our industrial machinery: earthmoving and construction machinery, agriculture, irrigation and special machines. Every type of engine is designed to fulfil the needs of all industrial applications, adopting the most advanced technologies that are available: innovative structure, multi-valve systems, fixed or variable geometry turbochargers, state-of-the-art mechanical injection systems, high pressure Common Rail injection systems and electronically controlled nozzle pumps. The availability of structural versions for agricultural applications and non-structural ones for earthmoving applications, combined with a wide variety of custom-made engine configurations, helps in matching the variations required in all the sectors. The industrial sector offer consists of four engine families (R22, N, C e V), with a power range from 40 kW (54 HP) to 753 kW (1024 HP) and displacements from 3,2 to 20 liters. http://www.fptindustrial.com