AASHTO Recognizes Earth Day by Releasing A New Video: Transportation Sustainability: Hawaii

Every day is Earth Day for transportation departments working to support the environmental, mobility and economic needs of the communities they serve. On this Earth Day as the nation focuses on the environment, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials is releasing a new video to highlight the efforts underway by the Hawaii Department of Transportation to make its transportation system more sustainable. Hawaii is not alone in its focus on sustainability and the environment. State departments of transportation are using new technologies, innovative programs and partnerships to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase travel options, improve traffic flow and save taxpayer dollars. "Earth Day is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate how states are taking a wide-ranging approach to responsible environmental stewardship,” said Bud Wright, AASHTO executive director. “In our new video Hawaii DOT is seen working across jurisdictional lines to reach statewide sustainability targets.” Transportation plays a key role in the economy and in the challenges and opportunities associated with sustainable development. Sustainable transportation addresses local, regional and national priorities and requires considerable coordination. Transportation Sustainability: Hawaii illustrates the holistic approach being taken in that island paradise to meet current and future mobility and accessibility needs while protecting environmental resources.