The Dirt on Dozers: Push More Profits with Your Next Machine

Today’s dozers are more efficient, powerful and high-tech, available with more options than ever. Caterpillar machine applications experts offer the keys to making the right choices to get a dozer that maximizes profit in your operation

May 12, 2021
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When it comes to iconic construction equipment, nothing tops a dozer. They’ve played a role in almost every major project on earth for almost a century. But looks aside, today’s dozers don’t share much in common with the machines of old. They’re more efficient, more powerful and more high-tech — and there are more options available than ever. What’s the key to making the right dozer choice for your operation?

In this webinar, Caterpillar experts will walk you through the types of jobs best suited to dozers and the key factors to consider as you select your machine and attachments. You’ll also learn about the technologies available to make your operators more efficient and your jobsites more productive. Don’t miss this opportunity to get the dirt on what’s new and how your operation can benefit.

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