Intelligent Machine Controls & Intelligent Construction Technologies

Intelligent construction technologies on VÖGELE asphalt pavers improve pavement quality and profitability. Learn more about these features and how they can help you achieve better results on each job.

August 18, 2021
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During this webinar, L. Narsingh (Nars), Application and Technology Specialist at Wirtgen America, will review the principles of the Free Floating Screed and explain how intelligent machine controls and intelligent construction technologies (ICT) improve pavement quality and profitability.

Nars will explain FHWA and individual states involvement in ICT. He will focus on each of the unique intelligent machine controls available on VÖGELE Pavers and paver-related ICT such as the paver mounted thermal profiler and 3D paving. Nars will also explain what is required, how it functions and other significant benefits of these technologies.

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