Top 10 Hottest Construction Stories This Week: World of Concrete is On in June 2021

Most-read construction stories rounds up concrete crack repair options, next steps for Biden's infrastructure plan, Work Truck Show highlights, 5 tips for applying epoxy coatings in the cold, how to choose which pavement maintenance projects to bid

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World of Concrete

Cu Contractorspredict Adobe Stock Watchara@Watchara Adobe.Stock.com10. 87% of Contractors Predict Steady Revenue Streams for 2021

Concerns about finding skilled workers, material costs and steel tariffs still linger for construction business owners though according to the latest data released by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Cu Mew Pmanufacturers Kristina Blokhin Adobe stock@Kristina Blokhin Adobe.Stock.com9. Aerial Lift Manufacturers are Setting the Standard in Safety

On top of proper training, aerial lift manufacturers have taken extra steps to promote safe practices and initiatives, while also working to make their equipment safer for jobsites


Cu Mew Plegal Scaliger Adobe stock@scaliger adobe.stock.com8. Addressing the Updates to MEWP Requirements From a Legal Perspective

MEWPs are one of the safest means of working at height, yet there are risks. These had been largely dealt with from a legal perspective through an array of contract provisions and guidance. But the laws have changed


Cu Sealcoating Seal RiteSeal-Rite7. Early Season Best Practices for Sealcoating

It’s time to prepare the equipment and gear up for the sealcoating season


Cu What To Bid Adobe Stock Bankrx@bankrx Adobe.Stock.com6. How to Determine What to Bid for Pavement Maintenance Projects

Following these steps will lead you to a true profit on each job – and at year’s end


Cu Epoxy The Euclid Chemical CompanyThe Euclid Chemical Company5. 5 Tips for Applying Epoxy Coatings in Cold Weather

If applied in cooler temperatures, the epoxy will not reach a complete cure or achieve its designed physical properties — ultimately leading it to fail prematurely. Here's what you can do to be successful


Cu Ntea Mack TrucksMack Trucks4. 2021 NTEA Work Truck Show Spotlights Recent Vocational Truck and Technology Introductions

The trade show for the vocational truck market showcased the latest introductions in a virtual format


Cu Bideninfrastructure James Whittington Facebook@James Whittington Facebook3. Next Steps for Biden's Infrastructure Plan

President Biden’s economic advisers are pulling together a sweeping $4 trillion package to boost the economy, reduce carbon emissions and narrow economic inequality, beginning with a giant infrastructure plan


Cu Concretecrack Roadware IncRoadware Inc.2. A Summary of Concrete Crack Repair Options

Sometimes cracks require repairing but with so many options, how do we design and select the best repair option? It’s not as difficult as you may think


1. World of Concrete 2021 to Move Ahead as In-person Event in June in Las Vegas

Show owner Informa Markets received approval from the state of Nevada to move forward with the in-person event, the first large-scale trade show to return to the U.S. market since the pandemic

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