Niagara Machine Hires New Branch Manager

Niagara Machine, Inc. recently hired DJ White as branch manager of its Charlotte, N.C., operation. White brings extensive experience in the construction industry to his new role at Niagara, having served as a stone and waterproofing contractor, and as manager of numerous successful construction businesses.

In his new role at Niagara Machine, White will oversee all customer orders and equipment repairs, focusing on creating and maintaining positive customer relationships. “I strongly believe that in order to build and sustain a successful contractor supply business you must have strong relationships with your customers,” he says. “Our emphasis is not only supplying the best concrete finishing equipment, but also making it a positive and profitable experience for our customers.”

Niagara Machine’s 22,000-square-foot Charlotte plant serves as a customer training facility as well as an equipment distribution outlet. Experienced instructors provide a step-by-step guide to the concrete polishing process, from surface preparation through maintenance, along with technical advice in choosing the proper equipment.

Polished concrete floors are becoming a preferred option for facility managers confronted with the high costs of installing, maintain and replacing plant and warehouse floor coverings. The polishing process can be applied to old concrete floors as well as new installations, and converts porous concrete into a dense surface that is highly resistant to water, abrasion, impact and dust accumulation. It also results in a bright, reflective surface that enhances a safe environment and requires fewer artificial lights.

Niagara Machine is a distributor and training resource for concrete grinding and polishing technologies. The company distributes a variety of top brands of concrete surface preparation and finishing equipment, including Lavina polishing machines and diamond tooling, BlastPro shot blasters and scrapers, Metzger/McGuire joint filler and floor repair products, Prosoco concrete treatments and Ermator HEPA clean air vacuums.