Why Join NPCA? Here's Why

National Pavement Contractor's Association members see success from membership.

The National Pavement Contractor's Association (NPCA) would like to congratulate member Dale Enders of Enders Asphalt, Menomonee Falls, WI, who added paving to his lineup this year. NPCA says that in July Dale Enders contacted the association "and let us know that because of all of his study and the help he received from fellow members he is now at the point where he's totally confident on every job and paving has become a substantial part of his income," says Don Turner, NPCA executive director.

Another NPCA member, this one in New York, generated an additional 12 cents per foot on a sealcoating job after a prospect called NPCA to verify qualifications for being an NPCA member. "He quickly decided that the NPCA member was the right choice for the job," Turner says. "He was leaning that way but the NPCA membership put him over the top."

Turner says that one of the issues facing NPCA is that it does not have members in all markets of the country, so property managers who search the NPCA database for a contractor to bid work can come up empty.

"We had three prime paving jobs in Los Angeles, which would probably have gone to an NPCA member? if we had a paving contractor offering paving in that market," Turner says. "But we don't."

To encourage membership in underserved markets "where we don't have contractors in all of the different services we need" NPCA offers membership discounts for some parts of the country.

For more information visit the NPCA website at www.PavementPro.com.