NPCA Website Visitors Increasing

The National pavement Contractors Association is seeing a boost in visitors to its website.

As we look at a "top contractors" issue of the magazine, this year consumers seem to be looking for the "top contractors" more than they ever have in the past. We have found that this year, in spite of the slow economy, we are running between 500 to 1,000 new visitors a day with a daily average of about 800 to our main website and an average of about 60 to 100 new visitors a day to our informational website These numbers show that consumers are looking for the "top contractors" to get value for their money.

The numbers show that we are having by far the best year ever in terms of traffic to our websites. Consumers are looking for quality, honesty, and value when they choose a contractor. Our discussion boards are busier than ever as different contractors discuss the way the economy is impacting them, changing prices, and how to stay competitive in these tough economic times. We've been averaging about 30% higher traffic to our forums than in the past, although they have always been the busiest and oldest forums for the entire pavement industry (located at And, of course, our new consumer satisfaction assurance program gives customers an even higher degree of confidence in their decision with an NPCA member.

We're continuing to offer discounts on dues to contractors from under-represented areas of the United States because of this tremendous increase in search traffic this year. We want contractors to be there when the consumers come looking. The many benefits afforded to our members can more than pay for the cost of membership, and participation in the Consumer Satisfaction Assurance Program as a part of your sales strategy can give you the winning edge over other contractors that don't promise the same high quality of ethical practices and customer satisfaction.

From looking at the discussions on our forums it seems that the "travelers" and "lowballers." Are working harder than ever; and while it's frustrating to many contractors, we think it's an indication that they're having to work harder because people are searching for quality work that will provide a good value in these tough economic times.

It's a good indicator that this year good, high-quality contractors can have the best year ever. Just keep doing that "top-quality" work and treating your customers the way you want to be treated…. and this may turn out to be one of your best years ever.

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