U.S. Pavement Services Completes 65,000 sq. ft. Paving Job

A time-sensitive paving job at BJ's Wholesale Club Headquarters is completed with long-term cost efficiency.

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Paving work, commercial and otherwise, remains slow, but that doesn't mean it's come to a dead stop. A recent example is provided by U.S. Pavement Services Inc., Woburn, MA, which recently completed a 65,000-sq.-ft. repave job on the parking lot at BJ's Wholesale Club Headquarters, Natick, MA. The time-sensitive job required that U.S. Pavement Services work quickly to minimize the disruption to the lot's heavy weekday traffic, and to complete the job with long-term cost efficiency.

"The parking lot is full on a typical weekday, which provided us with a challenge," said Mike Musto, U.S. Pavement Services president. "We carefully planned the project to begin on Friday, June 19th at 11 a.m., to coincide with the company outing. BJ's employees were off-site, and we didn't have to disturb the regular lot traffic."

U.S. Pavement Services worked through Saturday to install a new concrete pad for the dumpster, pulverize and grade the lot, pave the binder course of asphalt and paint temporary lines for the upcoming week. The following Saturday they completed the project, paving the surface layer of asphalt and painting all of the permanent lines and markings.

"We have a long relationship with U.S. Pavement Services, and we are pleased with their customer service and quality of workmanship," said Steve Parker, BJ's Wholesale Club manager of facilities and maintenance. "Their team understands how important it is to make this process safe and easy for our employees, and they always make that a top priority."