Serving Independent Contractors

The National Pavement Contractors Association benefits the independent contractor as well as consumers.

We found at the recent National Pavement Expo many contractors still don't know all of the benefits of NPCA membership, including things like discounts on equipment, fleet pricing on trucks, a health plan that even smaller employers can afford, discount insurance of all types, discounts on web services, work apparel, and more savings that can quickly pay your membership dues.

Of course, most contractors immediately realize the benefits of our job search, where consumers can find you quickly and easily over the Internet simply by entering their zip code. They see a complete ad describing your company and the benefits of using you for their needs, and one "click" connects them to you. They realize you are prequalified for insurance and licensing and subscribe to our code of ethics and customer satisfaction. That's the only thing we can figure that is making our search figures go through the roof this year, compared to all preceding years. In nine years we have never seen so many searches as early in the year, and we can only attribute it to the fact that with the economy as tight as it is, people want to make sure they get the best quality work for their dollar. Whether it's commercial or residential, they want someone they can trust. As of April 1, NPCA already had 2,423 searches, which is an incredible amount for the first three months of the year when most areas are still in the middle of winter. It's almost twice as high as this time in previous years. So this will certainly be a great year for consumers finding our members with our online search. Our search is part of membership. We are not in any way involved in your business so there are no lead fees or commissions, like some of these "lead firms" you may be getting junk e-mails from or like some "national providers" who subcontract work.

For almost 10 years NPCA has offered what other sites or companies are just now offering: discussion forums (, free equipment classifieds, articles, and more that NPCA has made available. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

As the only organization formed strictly for the benefit of independent pavement contractors we are looking forward to our 10th anniversary next year. We're forming the most important advisory board ever as we look forward to major restructuring, making use of even more of the benefits available with today's technology, and reorganizing to ensure the association continues for decades to come and becomes an ever more influential part of the pavement industry, giving the independent contractor a bigger voice by sharing common goals with other independent contractors.

Stop by, check our great discounts on dues for underrepresented markets, and join the original complete pavement contractor's website.

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