Membership Drive Lowers Annual Dues

Through April 30, 2010, National Pavement Contractors Association has lowered regular dues to $349.95 for the largest companies; $275 for smaller companies.

The NPCA is glad to announce that our search rates have increased dramatically every year in our 10-year history, as we enter our 10th anniversary year. However there is just one problem. We still do not have enough members to adequately represent the entire United States. This creates a double problem because we have been contacted by numerous property managers - mainly of "big-box" stores - who would love to use NPCA members because of the assurance of quality. However, they don't even have the time for searching.

Companies have cut budgets drastically in this economy, so these property managers are way overworked compared to a few years ago. A manager who used to have 25 or 30 stores might have 100 or 150 stores to look out for now, and parking lots are one of their biggest hassles. Because they can't drive to every location, look at the lot, and see everything that needs to be done they just get a call from a store manager who's mad because something's wrong with the parking lot.

While there was never anything like the NPCA when it was created, this is exactly the scenario it was created for. But with all the cities in the U.S., large and small, plus residential customers you realize we need to have thousands of members in order to have all the different pavement trades represented in every area. There are still many NPCA blank spots on the map as well as areas that are not blank but might not have the various services needed from power washing and decorative concrete to paving, repairs, sealcoating and striping - and more.

So, through April 30 in a pre-season membership drive NPCA has lowered regular dues to $349.95 for the largest companies; $275 for smaller companies. This will help keep dues in line with the amount of money that contractors are actually making. We also continue to offer great discounts below these rates in areas where we do not have enough members or members that provide all the services needed. Also, any existing member who gets another person to join receives a free year of membership added to their term. And, if two nonmembers want to join both can join at half dues for the first year. We are doing everything we can in this tough economy to make it as easy as possible for any contractor to join the NPCA and enjoy a full year of benefits for the cost of one month's yellow page ad. So it's certainly the most affordable time ever to join.

This can be the greatest year ever for the NPCA. We are currently looking at reorganizing under a new law that went into effect January 1 which would allow all members to be treated as a group for the purpose of "group" insurance and other benefits that are offered to groups. That means bigger and better benefits than we offer now - as if the benefits aren't already enough.

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