NPCA to offer consumer ratings

NPCA Update

Spring has rushed by in a frenzy, and this season is upon us with what promises to be a challenging year as prices change and plans must be adjusted for conditions. And in this year of change the NPCA begins its effort to encourage customers to rate their contractors. Starting June 1 every NPCA member contractor will be required to ask every customer on every job to visit the NPCA website to rate their satisfaction with the work.

This will do two great things. First, it will give NPCA a way to assure the quality of our member contractors. While we know all of our members have insurance and other basics of quality contractors, we have never had a way of actually ensuring the quality of their performance on the job. A consumer satisfaction survey will serve as that continual monitor of a member's continuing goal of outstanding customer satisfaction. Second, a consumer satisfaction survey will be a marvelous selling tool that members can use to increase the benefits of being an NPCA member even more. More and more the NPCA logo has come to be a "seal of quality" when it comes to pavement contractors. This will just make it more so. Even before the sale, an NPCA contractor can mention to the customer that unlike other contractors, he can be rated by them on his performance when the job is done. This will inspire even greater consumer confidence.

At press time the website for consumer feedback will be at http://www.Pavement It will take a while for results to come in and be compiled in a meaningful manner, but once they do, each member will have a "customer satisfaction rating" next to their search engine ad when they come up in a customer search.

These days consumers visiting websites expect some form of customer rating or review, often in the form of stars or a percentage, that the actual buyers or users of the product have given to it. And we predict that just like a seller on eBay works very hard to protect their unblemished "eBay rating" NPCA members will work very hard to protect their consumer satisfaction rating.

This is nothing any quality contractor would be scared to show to any customer anyway, since the most heavily weighted answers will be at the end of the survey when customers are asked how satisfied they were overall with the contractor and the work done. And last but certainly not least how likely they would be to recommend this contractor to others.

We're very excited to be starting the 2008 season with this new NPCA customer satisfaction assurance program, unlike anything the industry has ever seen before, which we believe will benefit both our members and the consumers that they serve.

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