Topcon, Sauer Danfoss Introduce Automated Paver Controls

TSD announces ReadyPave, MasterPave and AutoPave

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A unique family of automated paving control systems that will bring the advantages of automatic asphalt paving control to every OEM and contractor and every budget has been announced by TSD Integrated Controls.

This announcement by TSD, a joint venture company of industry leading companies Topcon Positioning Systems and Sauer Danfoss, will literally change the asphalt paving industry worldwide, said Ivan Di Federico, TSD general manager.

The three new systems ReadyPave, MasterPave and AutoPave all feature easy-to-use, automated controls with millimeter accuracy, he says. The new systems use an array of new sensing technologies including the new dual sonic and Quattro ultrasonic sensors, advanced slope sensing technologies, laser scanning products and Millimeter GPS-controlled systems.

All three automated paving systems will be available before the end of the year.

ReadyPave is an economical system for pavers and profilers. "It was designed with the smaller pavers in mind," Di Federico says. "The durable design of the small, rugged system allows easy transport. Installation of the system takes just a few minutes."

He says an innovative dual ultrasonic design was created in an easy-to-install grade sensor. Additionally, the sensor provides an integrated LED display for real-time grade information. "This feature allows the operator to make any necessary corrections to ensure the smoothest finish job possible," he says. "The sensor also allows an on-the-fly installation of a temperature bail for maximum accuracy in all conditions.

In addition to being able to be used in configurations of multiple sensors averaging beams, the advanced sensor technology allows measure grade as close as 14 inches from the ground. This technology, combined with a blazing fast sampling rate, Di Federico says, ensures high reliability and accuracy even in the extreme side wind conditions.

The new any-job automatic control system for pavers and profilers, MasterPave is designed for medium and high range pavers. It uses the new Quattro grade, new slope, sonic averaging (SAS) and new road scanning (RSS) technologies in a single, unique platform.

The MasterPave system provides the following features:

  • Unprecedented grade control with Quattro grade technology using a four- headed sonic sensor
  • Stability of measurement and resistance to vibrations
  • Industry-leading measuring accuracy
  • LED visual indicators for all components, combined with a backlight graphical control panel for optimum visibility at night or in bright sunlight
  • Rugged, easy-to-use and compact design
  • Easy transport and mounting
  • Full compatibility with products from the former System V range
  • New advanced grade sensor design allows operation as close as 14 cm from the ground.
  • New CanBus communications between the various elements of the system.


Used with the ADL-100 Mapping and Data Logging unit, users can add data logging and instant remote communications capabilities to the automatic paving system.

Using Topcon Millimeter GPS technology (see box for more details), AutoPave is the most automatic and advanced control system for pavers and profilers.

    AutoPave features include:

  • Stringless, 3-D paving control
  • Completely automates the paving process
  • Offers Millimeter GPS vertical and horizontal screed positioning
  • Can be installed on asphalt or concrete pavers
  • Eliminates short range robotic optical control systems
  • Engineering digital site plan utilized electronically
  • Can be digitally updated wirelessly from the office with Topcon's SiteLINK technology.


"For those operators demanding the most advanced technology available in precise positioning, the AutoPave system will fulfill those requirements," Di Federico says.

"Imagine obtaining the highest precision and productivity without the need for stringlines or the use of expensive robotic total stations. And, unlike robotic-guided pavers, there is no single-user limitations." ?

Roadtec RX-400
Roadtec's new RX-400 is a 4-foot cold planer with a rear-mounted drum that allows contractors to start the cut directly in front of curbs, fences, walls or other obstructions. This machine is designed for commercial work and completion of projects where a compact machine design is an advantage, such as shoulders and other narrow milling projects. The RX-400 features milling width of 2, 3 and 4 feet and a maximum cut depth of 12.5 inches. Unit is powered by a 325-hp Caterpillar C9 ACERT engine. The maximum operating speed is 172 fpm. Conveyor swing of 60 degrees to ether side adds to the RX-400's versatility.

Superior Sentinel Sensor
Superior has designed the Sentinal Belt Speed Sensor to alert operators when there is a conveyor belt problem. The sensor is designed to indicate if the belt is slipping or has stopped moving due to breakage or other problems. Conveyor operators are able to set the belt speed that would indicate a problem; the Sentinel will count the roll rotation and feed the information back to the control box. The alert system can be output to an alarm, light or cut-off switch.

Caterpillar C-Series Skid Steers
Caterpillar C-Series skid-steer loaders - 246C, 256C, 262C, 272C - feature electro-hydraulic joystick control of the hydrostatic drive system and electronic torque management. Operator comfort features include sealed and pressurized cab and an optional air suspension seat. With a rated operating capacity of 3,250 pounds, the 272C is the largest capacity skid-steer loader Caterpillar has produced. The vertical lift 272C is joined by the smaller 262C, which has an operating capacity of 2,700 pounds and also features vertical lift for enhanced truck loading capabilities. The 246C and 256C are radial lift machines with rated operating capacities of 2,150 pounds and 2,350 pounds, respectively.

Champion Roadmaster System
The Roadmaster Ride Quality Improvement System includes the Roadmaster RP626 asphalt profiler, a 6-foot grinder cutting head that mounts under the front frame of a Champion C60 motor grader. System smoothes asphalt surfaces by grinding away bumps and irregularities within tolerances of 1/8 in. or less. Unit features a 26-inch-diameter drum with 218 carbide teeth and a double-wrap cutting head that can fine-finish up to two lane/miles per shift. System is powered by a 200-hp Cummins engine with an infinitely variable hydrostatic drive transmission. The three-step system also includes a sealer to fill any remaining cracks and a rejuvenator to restore asphalt life and resiliency.

BioTrakit Sensor System
TrakitGPS introduces BioTrakit - a biometric sensor and software solution designed to act as a time clock for office workers and drivers in the asphalt and aggregate industries who are unable to log in to the TrakitGPS vehicle tracking and reporting module. The BioTrakit biometric sensor system works with any USB-equipped PC computer, allowing users to sign in and out by simply touching the sensor with his or her finger. The system comes with intuitive software for simple set up and operation. BioTrakit is designed as a complementary solution to the TrakitGPS system, and is not intended for stand-alone operation.

Terra Diamond AKA Kick Asphalt Blade
The AKA blade features a high diamond concentration. Designed to improve asphalt cutting, material removal rates and blade life, the blade features TLC or SLURC wear core protection as standard. Units abrasion-resistant bonds improve cutting.

Vögele 2116T Track Paver
The 2116T 8-foot rubber-track paver features 160-hp Cummins turbocharged diesel engine. Unit features a 190-cubic-foot hopper capacity, 21-foot 6-inch maximum paving width and fully proportional feeder system. The ultrasonic material level sensors are designed for precise control. Other features include hydraulically adjustable augers from 4 to 9 inches above ground; fumes extraction system; and three available screeds.

Zanetis Road Hog
The SSP Series Road Hog planer attachment quickly converts a backhoe-loader or wheel loader into a milling machine. Available with pin-on or optional quick-attach coupler, unit features 30-, 40- and 60-inch cutting widths and up to a 10-inch cutting depth. The cutting drum side shifts 26 inches from center to right-hand side for cutting against curbs. Other features include a +/- 8 degrees of drum tilt for wedge cuts and tapering keyways; a planetary drum drive system and 75-hp Deutz BF3M2011 four-cylinder diesel engine. The electro-hydraulic control of cutting drum tilt, depth and side shift can be made via wireless remote controller.

CEAttachments Severe-Duty Edge Cold Planer
The Edge severe-duty cold planer is suited for use on high-flow skid steers and is available in 40-inch width and 10-inch depths. Unit offers electro-hydraulic-controlled tilt, depth and sideshift. The planetary reduction gearbox and fitted due-cone seals prevent milled debris from eroding the seal. Other features include an in-line filter; full side plates and rear mounting flange enclosed drum; and front lid for easy access for cleaning and maintenance of picks.


Bomag BW211-40 Series Rollers
These 12-ton class single-drum vibratory rollers are available with a smooth (BW211D-40) or padfoot (BW211PD-40) drum. Powered by Deutz four-cylinder, water-cooled, Tier III diesel engines, units generate 1,800 and 2,160 vpm across an 84-inch operating width. The 22,930-pound BW211D-40 generates 53,100 pounds of centrifugal force in high amplitude and 38,250 pounds in low amplitude. The 25,785-pound BW211PD-40 generates 61,875 pounds of force in high amplitude and 44,550 pounds in low amplitude.

Powerscreen Horizon 5163 Scalping/Screening Plant
The new, highly mobile Powerscreen Horizon 5163 precision scalping and screening plant is designed to handle materials up to 10 inches and can produce up to 600 tons per hour of high specification products (such as road building/paving) with materials such as natural and crushed aggregates, crushed and recycled concrete and asphalt, coal and iron ore. Also works well in closed-circuit primary, secondary and tertiary crushing setups to achieve high tonnages of fine-sized product meeting strict specifications.

Topcon's Millimeter GPS applications expanded to include pavers, trimmers
Topcon Positioning Systems' industry-leading Millimeter GPS precise positioning technology has been expanded into the paving industry, creating the world's first 3D-GPS+ control system for pavers, profilers and trimmers.

Topcon's technology provides a significant enhancement in the vertical measuring precision of RTK GPS. The technology, known as Lazer Zone™, is used by hundreds of companies worldwide to generate a vertical accuracy to within a few millimeters as compared to the centimeter vertical accuracy of conventional RTK GPS.

Used on pavers, the Millimeter GPS technology incorporates a unique zone-beam laser transmitter, the PZL 1, that sweeps a 2,000-foot-diameter area with a 33-foot-high wall of laser light. A compact sensor, the PZS MC, is mounted on a mast which is attached to the toe arm of the paver. Any time the PZS-MC sensor is positioned within the laser zone signal, the system provides vertical data resulting in millimeter vertical measuring precision.

Millimeter GPS technology is "up to 300 percent more accurate than standard GPS, and will provide the best 3D machine control in the industry," Murray Lodge, TPS director of sales-construction, says. "The Lazer Zone technology brings together the simplicity of a rotating laser, the accuracy of a robotic total station, and the flexibility and multiple user capabilities of GPS into one complete jobsite solution," he says.

Millimeter-accurate GPS can be used for setting stakes or checking grade behind the paver as well. By simply combining the Lazer Zone technology with any Topcon RTK GPS rover along with the same PZL-1 transmitter you get the same high accuracy vertical precision control anywhere on the project.