New Options for Road Rehab

A variety of attachments and dedicated machines are available to specifically match the type, scope and budget of your road repair applications.

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Champion Roadmaster System
Champion Motor Graders and its development partners chose the National Pavement Expo, Nashville, TN, to demonstrate the Roadmaster Ride Quality Improvement System. The flagship component of the system is the Roadmaster RP626 asphalt profiler, consisting of a 6-ft. grinder cutting head mounted under the front frame of a dedicated Champion C60 motor grader.

The profiler smooths asphalt surfaces by grinding away any bumps and irregularities within tolerances of 1/8 in. or less. Its 26-in.-diameter by 6-ft.-wide drum includes 218 carbide teeth. The double-wrap cutting head can fine-finish up to two lane/miles per shift.

The RP626 is powered by a 200-hp Cummins QSB 6.7 engine matched to an infinitely variable hydrostatic drive transmission. The rugged chassis and hydrostatic drive system are designed for maximum power and control.

Finish profiling is only the first of three steps in the Roadmaster system. It is followed by a sealer to fill any remaining cracks in the surface, then a rejuvenator to restore life and resiliency to old asphalt.

Zanetis Road Hog
The SSP Series Road Hog planer attachment from Zanetis Power Attachments quickly converts your backhoe-loader or wheel loader into a milling machine. It is compatible with carriers over 13,000 lbs., and is available with pin-on or optional quick-attach brackets.

The Road Hog comes in 30-, 40- and 60-in. cutting widths and provides up to a 10-in. cutting depth. Kennametal general-purpose carbide cutting teeth are standard; stabilizing teeth are optional. The cutting drum side shifts 26 in. from center to the right-hand side for cutting against curbs. It also offers +/- 8° of drum tilt for wedge cuts and tapering keyways.

A Fairfield 21:1 planetary drum drive system maximizes power from the 75-hp Deutz BF3M2011 air/oil-cooled four-cylinder diesel engine. A Hetronic wireless remote controller activates engine functions and drum tilt, depth and side shift. No hydraulic or electrical interface to the carrier is required.

Additional features include a Logan hydraulically engaged clutch, emergency shutoff system and a drum access cover that exposes the front and sides of the cutting drum for quick, easy tooth changes.

CEAttachments severe-duty planer
The EDGE severe-duty cold planer provides a 40-in. width with a 10-in. cutting depth, and is suited for use on high-flow skid steers. Tilt, depth and side shift are all electro-hydraulic controlled.

The attachment incorporates a planetary reduction gearbox and fitted due-cone seals to prevent milled debris from eroding the seal of the gearbox. An in-line filter protects the hydraulic motor from contaminants.

The full side plates and rear mounting flange enclose the drum to help contain milled debris within the housing. The front lid allows easy access for cleaning and maintenance of picks. In addition, depth markers on the rear of the drum housing allow for easy visibility.

BOMAG recycler/stabilizer
A more powerful engine and three new rotor options head the list of improvements made to the MPH122-2 recycler/stabilizer.

The MPH122-2 is now equipped with a 482-hp Deutz Tier III-compliant turbocharged V-6 engine, which provides about 9% more horsepower than the previous model. All-wheel drive allows for operation on severe grades or in difficult traction conditions. A compact design and articulated and rear-wheel steering enhance maneuverability. The robust center joint also provides a smaller turning radius than its predecessor.

The MPH122-2 continues to feature an integrated hydrostatic rotor drive. The standard center-mounted universal rotor is 91.7 in. wide and has 192 cutting teeth and a 19.7-in. maximum cutting depth. Maximum working speed is 211 fpm.

Three new rotor options include a 91.7-in.-wide stabilizer rotor with Kennametal paddle-type teeth and a 19.7-in. maximum cutting depth; a 99.6-in.-wide universal rotor with a 16.5-in. cutting depth; and a 99.6-in.-wide universal rotor with bolt-on Kennametal tooth holders and a 16.5-in. cutting depth.

Rotor speeds from 100 to 170 rpm can be selected under load, allowing the MPH122-2 to be adapted to match specific job requirements. Variable rotor speeds help to optimize the mixing process and allow binding agents and soil to be processed with optimum efficiency.

Terex cold planers
Terex Roadbuilding re-enters the utility mill market with the Terex CMI PR165, PR220 and PR330 cold planers. The units can tackle a variety of applications, including cul-de-sacs, wedge and header cuts, bridge decks and shoulder excavation.

The units feature a hydrostatic rotor drive with built-in relief system. A parallelogram cutter subframe design delivers 24-in. elevation to lower and raise the cutter in and out of the cut. A 36-in. drum diameter enables a 12-in. cutting depth.

The "center mount" cutter design positions the full weight of the machine over the rotor for enhanced performance even in tough cuts. Four-wheel steering provides coordinated front and rear, crab, front-only and rear-only steering modes. Four-wheel drive and a limited-slip differential improve tractive effort.

The 165-hp PR165 and 225-hp PR220 are powered by fuel-efficient Tier III-compliant diesel engines. The PR165 has a 24-in. standard cutting width, while the PR220 has a 30-in. milling width. An 8-in. inside turn radius allows cutting around headers and manhole covers. Two working speeds of 0 to 200 fpm and 0 to 360 fpm allow machine speed to be matched to jobsite conditions.

The PR330 multipurpose milling machine has a 330-hp Tier III-compliant diesel engine. Standard cutting width is 48 in. with 24- and 36-in. widths available. Automatic cutter depth controls are monitored and adjusted from the vibration-isolated operator's platform. The cross slope feature provides a +/- 8° slope. The unit comes standard with a two-stage, high-capacity conveyor system.

Wirtgen mid-sized asphalt cold mill
Wirtgen's new W 120 F mid-sized asphalt cold milling machine replaces the W 1200 F/T. This 280-hp unit has a 47.2-in. milling width and a 12.6-in. cutting depth, making it suitable for removing complete asphalt courses to their full depth. The optional Flexible Cutter System permits use of different milling drum widths and varying line spacings.

The 42,549-lb. W 120 F incorporates a mechanical milling drum drive. Milling depth can be set via the rear hydraulic height adjustment in two different speeds. Standard speed has been optimized to enable precise leveling. Fast motion enables quick raising and lowering of the machine, such as when moving into position. An optional Level Pro automatic leveling system uses sensors to scan a reference plane, then automatically adjust height.

Front-end loading of RAP is achieved via a larger two-part conveyor system. A hydraulically folding supporting wheel is standard.

Power is supplied by a six-cylinder turbo diesel engine equipped with electronic controller and automatic engine fan control. Engine speed is adjusted automatically in both milling and transport modes.

Other features include a hydraulic all-wheel travel drive system and a finger-light hydraulic steering system. The unit comes equipped with wheels or optional crawler tracks.