Products for the paving professional March 2007

Product Spotlight

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Vögele Super 700 Paver

  • Drive through an opening less than 4 ft. wide, pave within 2 in. of boundaries, drive in a 113-in. footprint
  • 5.5-ton hydraulically operated hopper
  • Basic paving width ranges from 3.6 to 6.5 ft. with paving depths to 6 in.


Leeboy 8510 Conveyor

  • 12-in.-diameter casted augers and a 7.5-ton hopper with large radius wings for enhanced material flow
  • Vibrating, heated Legend Screed System
  • Two-speed hydrostatic drive allows up to 6-in. paving depths at infinitely variable widths from 8 to 15 ft. and speeds up to 150 fpm


Puckett Mfg. 560

  • 6-ton capacity
  • 4 1/2 to 13 ft. paving width
  • Economical exhaust-heated screed
  • Also 540 and 550 models

Puckett Mfg. Inc.

BOMAG 3313

  • Gravity-fed 3313
  • Single-speed drive motor provides travel and working speeds up to 250 fpm
  • 8- to 13-ft. paving widths
  • 6-ton- gravity-fed hopper
  • Full-width floating screed with heat and high-speed vibration, plus two 30-in. adjustable hydraulic extensions


Layton D-550 Tow-behind

  • Single-lever controls of independent augers, screed depth, extensions.
  • Up to 12-ft.-wide paving
  • Manually adjustable hopper wings


Mauldin Classic 550E Paver

  • Crawler and rubber tire models
  • Extendable augers for laying 6-in. mat to a full 13-ft. width without use of shovels
  • Gear-driven steering system
  • Paving speed of up to 140 fpm

Calder Brothers Corp.

Dynapac F5CS

  • Optimal for cycle-tracks, side walks, pavement extensions, car parks, sport fields and close car park buildings
  • Convenient operator platform
  • Independent hopper arms
  • Screed widths from 47.2 in. which can be hydraulically extended to 94.4 in.


Roadtec RP155

  • Designed to work in all types of subgrades and paving applications
  • 8-ft. electrically heated vibratory screed
  • Hydraulically raising engine hood
  • Goodyear rubber tracks

Roadtec Inc.

Gehl 1448 Plus Power Box

  • Track-type asphalt paver
  • Fully-extendable screed extensions
  • Use on driveways, recreational ball courts, bike paths, and parking lots
  • Full-floating, adjustable, vibratory 8-ft. screed heated by engine exhaust


IR 3120 Asphalt Paver

  • 15,800-lb. commercial paver
  • Standard Liberty Screed
  • 8-ft. paving width to 15-ft. width with front-mounted hydraulic extensions
  • 8-ton hopper and dual independent auger and conveyor systems

Ingersoll-Rand Co.