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The World of Asphalt Show & Conference is the meeting place for asphalt industry professionals in 2007.

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The World of Asphalt 2007 Show & Conference will be held March 19-23 at the Georgia International Convention Center in Atlanta.

Focusing exclusively on the asphalt industry, the show features in-depth industry-focused educational programming and exhibits showcasing the latest technologies and innovations in asphalt-related equipment, products and services.

Some 4,000 visitors from around the world are expected to attend World of Asphalt 2007. The event is geared toward asphalt, highway maintenance and traffic safety industry professionals from all types of companies such as small to large contractors, materials producers, state and agency specifiers, maintenance companies, manufacturers and service providers.

There will be several educational opportunities during the show and conference. These include:

  • Asphalt Pavement Alliance (APA) Asphalt Pavement Conference,
  • March 19-20
  • People, Plants and Paving Training
  • Program, March 20-22
  • OSHA 10-hour Course for Construction Workers and Traffic Control Technician Course

Over 225 exhibitors using 70,000 net square feet of exhibit space will be in attendance. On the following pages, you'll find some examples of products and services that can be found on the show floor.

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Sakai GW750 Roller
The GW750 vibratory rubber-tired roller is suitable for tender mix Superpave applications, stiff HMA mixes and SMA.

  • Develops an equivalent of up to 55,000 pounds of compaction effort in a 20,000-pound package with a 77-inch rolling width
  • Pavement integrator achieves compaction from top to bottom of a typical HMA lift
  • Multi-amplitude eccentric weights in front and rear axles
  • Hydrostatically driven axles
  • Articulated steering system

Booth #801

MB Companies FLB Sweeper
The FLB sweeper attachment from MB Companies is designed for clean-up after milling operations.

  • Fits skid steers, compact wheel loaders, tractor loaders and backhoe-loaders
  • Low flow, hi-torque motor available
  • Bi-directional brush rotation
  • 25-inch-diameter brush with 5-, 6- or 7-foot broom width

Booth #1331

Bomag 4413 Paver
The new 4413 self-propelled asphalt paver from Bomag Americas is powered by a 60-hp Cummins water-cooled diesel engine.

  • Load-sensing hydraulic system
  • Working speeds up to 160 fpm
  • Track drive system uses welded-steel crawler-style components
  • Dual operating positions
  • 8- to 13-foot paving widths
  • 7.5-ton hopper capacity
  • Full-floating screed
  • Mega-Feed dual auger system

Booth #611

Stone WolfPac Asphalt Rollers
The WolfPac line includes four models suited for confined area compaction.

  • 1 1/4-ton WolfPac 2500 static roller features an 11-hp Honda engine
  • WolfPac 3100 has an 18-hp Honda or 20-hp Kohler diesel engine, centerpoint articulation, double-drum drive and 35-in.-wide drums
  • 24.8-hp WolfPac 4100 has dual 40-in. drums with selectable front, rear or double-drum vibration
  • 33.5-hp WolfPac 6100 vibratory roller offers double-drum drive and a 47-in. footprint

Booth #1101

Ace Wear Parts for Pavers
The Ace Group manufactures high-quality aftermarket wear parts for pavers, milling machines, material transfer devices, windrow elevators, shuttle buggies and elevating scrapers.

  • Augers, burner boxes, chain, flights, cutting edges, sprockets, screed and floor plates, chain and bar assemblies, track pads, track and chain and track rails

Booth #1350

Ingersoll Rand MT-2000 Milling Machine
The Ingersoll Rand MT-2000 is a four-track, front-load, half-lane milling machine.

  • 600-hp Tier III Cummins engine
  • Three distinct drum cutting speeds: standard cutting speed, high-speed selection, and deep-cut power bulge
  • Can run both 78.75- and 86-in. drums
  • 36-in.-wide gathering and discharge conveyors are independently controlled with variable speed adjustment

Booth #111

The TUFPADS Blues track pads are now available in a bolt-on style designed to save replacement labor and parts costs, as well as deliver 25 to 30 percent longer wear life.

  • Bolt directly to the pre-drilled triple grouser
  • Easily removed and installed
  • Reusable steel grousers
  • Now standard parts for all new Roadtec milling machines

Booth #1301

TransTech Shoulder Wedge Maker
The Shoulder Wedge Maker mounts on the screed extension face against the end gate of an asphalt paver.

  • Able to form a compacted, tapered edge fillet at an angle less than 45 degrees
  • Designed to develop a 30-degree slope off the edge of the mat
  • Leaves a smooth, durable, beveled surface to facilitate re-entry of a vehicle to the
  • original travel lane
  • Kit includes wedges and mounting hardware for both left and right sides of paver

Booth #931

Broce MK-1 Transfer Sweeper
The Broce MK-1 Transfer sweeper is designed to pick up and transfer material to a truck in a continuous operation .

  • Loads to a height of 10 foot 6 inches straight ahead or to either side

Booth #921

Bergkamp M2 Series Pavers
Bergkamp offers the M2 series of truck-mounted slurry seal/microsurfacing pavers.

  • Deliver a mixture of aggregate, emulsion, water and additives in a smooth layer over existing pavement
  • Designed to extend the life of the surface up to seven or more years

Booth #755

WEM Plant Automation Systems
WEM Automation offers a full line of PC/PLC-based plant controls for complete drum, batch, loadout and scale ticketing operations.

  • Ethernet network
  • Off-the-shelf parts
  • Windows XP Professional OS
  • ODBC database
  • IBM or Dell PCs; Allen Bradley PLCs
  • Built-in redundancy for minimum downtime
  • 24/7 no charge phone/modem service

Booth #440

Asphalt Reheat Systems Split Box Infrared Heater
The Split Box infrared heater features chambers for 2x4 or 4x4 heat areas.

  • One- to two-person asphalt repairs with ease
  • For asphalt printing
  • Working temperature in only a few minutes

Booth #101

ADM Roadbuilder Series
The Roadbuilder Series has a parallel-flow design to maximize drying as it moves the moisture-laden aggregate in a rotating, veiled pattern away from the flame.

  • Produces 110 to 350 tons per hour
  • Drum diameters from 62 to 96 inches

Booth #448

Caterpillar RM-500
The new RM-500 provides high productivity in both asphalt reclamation and soil stabilization applications where the mixing depth does not exceed 20 inches.

  • Three rotor options
  • Can be configured for different applications and depth specifications

Booth #811

Astec Phoenix Phantom Burner
Astec's Phoenix Phantom burner is designed to meet the lowest emission requirements.

  • Predicted emissions performance of nitrogen oxides (NOx) is at 18 ppm (at 3-percent oxygen) and of carbon monoxide (CO) is at 200 ppm (at 3-percent oxygen); in all other areas the performance is essentially identical to that of the standard gas burning Phoenix.
  • New mixing method involves injecting gas into 3-inch-diameter turbulent mixing tubes as air passes through the tubes, which provides superb mixing that is the key to achieving ultra-low nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide emissions without flue gas recirculation
  • Meets the more stringent requirements of those parts
  • of the country designated as "nonattainment" areas
  • Booth #850

    Dynapac PL2000 S
    The PL2000 S cold planer from Dynapac features an 80-inch cutting width.

    • Water spraying system keeps the drum cool, reduces dust levels and cleans the bits
    • Four control panels on the left and right sides make it possible to monitor and control the planing operation from ground level as well as from the operator's platform
    • Electronic feedback control system controls the cutting depth allowing unit to compensate for uneven areas of ground and to comply with preset nominal values

    Booth #901

    Coneqtec/Universal AP Cold Planers
    These AP heavy-duty cold planers are designed to chew up the road into chunks, not powder.

    • High torque, direct-drive motors
    • Fast cutting drum head available
    • Skid steer weight placed directly on drum
    • 12- to 48-inch width sizes available

    Booth #346

    Reliable Asphalt Products
    Reliable Asphalt Products offers a complete line of new, used and reconditioned equipment for HMA producers looking to improve their operations.

    • Supplier visits site and evaluates needs
    • Can supply new batch and drum plants; stationary and portable arrangements are also available
    • Large database of used plants and components; all listings have been pre-qualified for quality

    Booth #955

    Dillman Duo-Drum Plants
    Dillman Equipment's Duo-Drum Plants feature independent

    • aggregate dryers and separate mixing drums.
    • Dryer has large combustion volume zone and more dryer length
    • Mixer captures all by-products of mixing, such as fumes and light ends, and sends them to the dryer burner to be incinerated
    • Stantionary, skid mounted and portable configurations
    • Produces 650 tph with high recycle percentages

    Booth #100

    SealMaster CrackPro 125
    The SealMaster CrackPro 125 oil-jacketed kettle and applicator is designed for hot pour cracksealing.

    • 125-gallon capacity
    • 13-hp Kubota diesel engine
    • Full sweep agitation
    • Heated hose chamber

    Booth #461

    Etnyre Falcon Series
    The Falcon live bottom trailers and truck-mounted bodies are designed to unload where others cannot go.

    • Patented conveyor system
    • For sand, gravel, hot mix asphalt, recycled materials,
    • low slump concrete and more
    • 42-inch-wide belt

    Booth #401

    Wirtgen W 2200 Cold Milling Machine
    The W 2200 is designed for continuous cold milling projects in which a pavement must be removed mile after mile.

    • 87-inch standard cutting width
    • 14-inch cutting depth
    • 180-fpm cutting speed
    • 900-hp output
    • Four large D-6 crawler tracks
    • Milling drum with high-efficiency mechanical belt drive
    • Front loading system

    Booth #601

    Humboldt Roughometer II
    The Roughometer II can be used to assess paved and unpaved roads by providing objective and repeatable data regarding the actual roughness level of the surface.

    • Easily mounted to almost any vehicle
    • Gathers data and transfers it to a PC
    • Displays information in International Roughness numbers in both
    • graphic charts and tables
    • Data can be transported to spreadsheet and database programs

    Booth #941

    Roadtec Shuttle Buggy
    The Shuttle Buggy MTV eliminates temperature and material segregation problems and helps contractors meet smoothness specs.

    • 300-hp Tier III Cat engine
    • Dual operator's stations
    • Patented remixing auger
    • 55-degree paver loading conveyor swings to either side

    Booth #841

    LeeBoy 8515 Asphalt Paver
    LeeBoy's 8515 asphalt paver features the Legend electric screed heating system as an option.

    • Heavy track assembly and undercarriage with poly-pad or continuous rubber tracks
    • Hydraulically raised hopper bed
    • 85-hp Kubota diesel engine
    • Two-speed hydrostatic drive
    • Paves up to 6-inch depths at infinitely variable widths from 8 to 15 feet
    • 7.5-ton asphalt receiving hopper
    • Dual operator station

    Booth #200

    Eagle Crusher UltraMax 1600-69
    The UltraMax Series 1600-69 portable high-volume, primary/secondary impact crushing and recycling plant features a sculptured three-bar rotor made of solid steel.

    • 68" x 20' feeder
    • Can also consume various concrete and aggregate materials
    • 69-inch feed opening
    • Resulting products are cubical and highly uniform for all spec crushing applications

    Booth #120

    VSS Emultech Emulsion Plants
    The VSS Emultech emulsion plants are available in 8, 16, 24, & 40-tph sizes.

    • Wide range of custom designed solutions for batch, continuous, or semi-continuous emulsion production
    • Fully equipped to produce anionic, cationic, nonionic, or clay-based emulsions

    Booth #104

    Hauck EcoStarII Burner
    Hauck's EcoStarII provides flame stability with superior performance and BACT for low emissions.

    • Fuel saving and reduced emissions through enhanced air/fuel ratio control
    • Simplified design for ease of installation, fuel handling and operation
    • Pre-piped, skid-mounted fuel manifolds with integral safety and manual shutoff valves, orifice/flow meters and control valves
    • Optional motor/impeller vibration monitor for preventive equipment maintenance

    Booth #444

    Terex CR662RM RoadMix
    The 50,800-pound Terex/Cedarapids CR662RM RoadMix switches from material transfer vehicle to paver in a matter of hours.

    • As a paver, unit offers a 16.7-ton receiving hopper which can be increased to 25 tons with hopper insert; Smartrac; three different screed options; and paving widths reaching 30 feet at depths up to 12 inches
    • As an MTV, unit features the Remix Anti-Segregation System with two sets of two counter-rotating augers that reblend 100 percent of the asphalt; 18-inch-wide rubber-track drive; the ability to be used on every paving lift, including the base course; and a swivel sensor that senses mix height in the paver's hopper and automatically stops and starts the hopper augers and transfer conveyor system as needed

    Booth #131

    Gilson SP-55 Quartermaster
    Designed to handle large samples required in Superpave specifications, Gilson's SP-55 Quartermaster divides any hot mix asphalt samples for quality control analysis.

    • Field samples of 120 pounds are quickly reduced
    • Large hopper reduces handling of hot material between procurement of initial field sample and production of lab samples
    • Rugged steel construction

    Booth #1039

    Libra Quantum Drum Mix Control System
    The Quantum drum mix control system features fully graphic operator interface.

    • Animation shows plant status at-a-glance
    • Live trending graphs
    • On-screen control buttons help the operator to quickly view plant status and identify and solve process problems
    • Tracks equipment maintenance and re-calibration schedules
    • Displays production totals, ingredient totals and mix history for any date range

    Booth #860

    PHCO Lo-Density Fuel Oil Preheaters
    Process Heating Co.'s lo-density fuel oil preheaters are designed to cut expenses for asphalt plants operated with heavier or reclaimed fuel oils.

    • Reduces viscosity to ensure a smooth flow for improved combustion
    • Available in various sizes
    • Weatherproof, pre-wired U.L.-listed industrial control panel
    • Heat at a rate of 5 to 7 watts per square inches
    • Total accessibility to the heater terminal box

    Booth #1330