Dynapac Debuts New Technology

Two pavement courses placed simultaneously.

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Dynapac demonstrated its most recent innovation which allows the simultaneous laying of the wearing and binder courses in a single pass at the National Center of Asphalt Technology (NCAT) Test Track at Auburn University. Over 50 spectators witnessed this new technology known as Kompact Asphalt Paving that allows "hot on hot" monolithic pavement to be laid simultaneously in a single pass.

The Dynapac F-300 C/S twin-paver, used during the demonstration, consists of two hoppers: the upper hopper that has a 25-ton capacity to hold the top course (wearing course) hot mix, and a lower hopper that has a 45-ton capacity to hold the binder course material, both courses of pavement are placed simultaneously "hot on hot." The paver also consists of two screeds that are fed by the two different hoppers. The first screed has the ability to place the binder course while compacting it to a density of up to 97 percent while the second screed places the top course directly over the freshly placed binder and compacting it to 92-percent density. The screeds can be adjusted to reduce or increase compaction as required.

The designed permeable mix, formulated by the Georgia DOT, will reduce water accumulation. This lowers the dangers of hydroplaning and truck back spray, which reduces the visibility of vehicular drivers on rainy days. In addition, this mix will assist in reducing noise pollution to residential living areas near designated highways.

The trial permeable mix pavement was placed at the assigned test section that is sponsored by research funding from the Georgia Department of Transportation, N-13, of the NCAT test track. The "hot on hot" mix consisted of an open-graded mix for both the binder and wearing course. The top course (wearing course) consisted of 3/8-inch minus material, and the binder course consisted of ½-inch minus material. The desirable void content of this mix would lay between 22 to 26 percent.

Observers who watched this first of a kind operation in the United States attentively endured the humidity and 100-degree temperature. The group consisted of state DOTs, contractors, and various paving and construction associations. The implementation of this unique and precise process was managed by Dynapac USA, headquartered in San Antonio, TX.

"We were glad to be a part of this demonstration that clearly displays the future of asphalt paving," said George Platt, Dynapac vice president of paving and milling. "The performance of the F-300 surpassed even our own expectations and we are looking forward to implementing this innovative technology throughout the United States."

Preliminary results for the permeable mix are expected to rate as "excellent" regarding its smoothness and permeability. This pavement technology will be evaluated over the next two years by the National Center of Asphalt Technology (NCAT). The test site will be subjected to numerous tests and will be evaluated accordingly.

McCloskey Track 'N' Tow Trommel
The new Track 'N' Tow version of the 621 portable trommel is equipped with a tracked crawler undercarriage for self-transport. The undercarriage can also be retracted for long-distance towing on its conventional wheel running gear. Unit also features a unique flush-mounted protective skirt that keeps stones and loose material clear of the tracks to prevent clogging or jamming. Other features include a 6.5-yard hopper with extrawide 42-inch direct-drive feed conveyors. The 180-degree radial stacker has also been widened to 42 inches.

Superior TeleStacker Conveyor with PilePro
Superior Industries TeleStacker conveyors are now equipped with the new PilePro Automation System, which gives the user an easy-to-use automation package with touch screen display. TeleStacker Conveyors equipped with PilePro automation are capable of building partially or fully desegregated stockpiles with an even blend of material throughout the pile for high quality finished products.

Cimline Matrix 1500
Cimline introduces the Matrix 1500 150-gallon melter/applicator for cracksealing pavements. With its oil-jacketed tank and recirculation feature, the Matrix provides fast heat-up and even sealant temperatures. Unit offers user friendly digital controls that allow the operator to start the 22-hp diesel engine and step away while the machine heats-up and maintains sealant temperature within one degree. The electronic ignition burner is diesel fired with an angled burner chamber providing 250,000 btu of heating. A direct-drive agitator in the tank also helps maintain temperature and prevent scalding. Unit comes standard with a 20-foot SuperFlex III electrically heated sealing hose.

Roadtec SX-7 Soil Stabilizer
Powered by a 700-hp Caterpillar engine, the SX-7 is capable of producing up to a 21-inch cut depth and 102-inch width. Unit features four cutting speeds with torque to the cutter drum rated at over 500,000 pound-force inches in first gear. The right-hand flush cut pulverizes or stabilizes materials ranging from soil to old pavement all the way to the curb line. The four-wheel steer allows for a 155-inch turning radius in the cut or zero inches out of the cut. The control console and operator seat swivel 180 degrees for left- or right-side operation.

The 1.6-ton HD8 VV and 1.73-ton HD 10C VV asphalt compactors offer dual-drum vibration capable of providing front drum-only, dual-drum or no vibration. Units feature 31.5- and 39-inch drum widths and are powered by 21-hp Hatz three-cylinder engines. The cantilevered drum suspension system allows for a permanent 2-inch offset. Other features include a hydrostatic dual-drum drive, automatic/manual vibration system and hydrostatic articulated steering.

MDM Drying, Heating and Recycling System
Mix Design Methods (MDM) has developed an indirectly heated, forced convection, drying, heating and recycling system that can produce virgin hot mix asphalt and recycled hot-mix asphalt with up to 100-percent RAP. Applications provide the highest efficiency with no emissions other than POC.

FiberMat Type A from Midland Asphalt Materials
Using the patented FibreDec process — a combination of special polymer-modified asphalt emulsion, chopped fiberglass strands and aggregate — the FiberMat Type A mixture acts as a highly resilient waterproof membrane that effectively bridges alligatored pavements and also delays reflective cracking. The system is easy to apply and can be opened to traffic within 15 minutes after laying, regardless of tempeature or humidity.

Terex Finlay I-1312 Impact Crusher
The new Terex Finlay I-1312 impact crusher plant features high throughput and large reduction ratio, plus rapid setup. The multiple-speed impactor is designed for primary and secondary crushing of concrete/asphalt rubble and limestone. The I-1312 features a Cedarapids 5048LP impact crusher with a large discharge opening and standard three-bar or optional four-bar configuration. Other standard features include hydrostatic drive and advanced electronic control system, hydraulically assisted apron setting, grizzly feeder with integral pre-screen, selectable discharge to bypass or main conveyor and dust suppression on the main conveyor. Hopper capacity is 11.7 cubic yards and has hydraulically folding sides.