Sealcoating 75 Sales Jump 60%

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While Pavement’s Paving 75 showed the largest dollar increase over 2014, the Sealcoating 75 contractors boast the largest percentage increase of sales of all Top Contractor lists, with sealcoating-only sales jumping 60% to 249,165,653 up from $150,090,164 in 2014.

Only one of the Sealcoating 75 generated 100% of its sales from sealcoating, with most contractors providing a variety of services:

  • 64 perform striping (85%)
  • 63 perform paving (84%)
  • 57 per pavement repair (76%)
  • 13 perform sweeping (17%)

Only 16 companies generated less than 10% of sales from sealcoating; 19 companies generate more than one-third of sales from sealcoating.

Where They Work

As far as where the Sealcoating 75 does their work, 74 companies (one non-answer) indicated they work on parking lots, which is reasonable considering the list is based on sealcoating-only sales volume. Driveways are a sales outlet for 30 of the companies, 51 companies generate sales from working on streets and roads, and 12 companies generate some type of sales from highway work.

Not surprisingly, the customer mix of the Sealcoating 75 reflects the types of property where the contractors work, with most contractors working for customers with larger parking lots:

  • 54 Contractors work for commercial/industrial clients
  • 62 work for multi-family housing clients
  • 36 work for single-family residential clients
  • 45 work for municipal clients

Contractors who participated in the 2015 Top Contractor survey can expect to receive the annual analysis and report in August.

Contractors who miss out on this year’s report can participate in the 2016 Top Contractor Survey which will be open online from January 1 through April 30, 2016.