Welcome to Pavement's 2015 Top Contractors

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For the third year Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction has conducted its Top Contractor Survey to generate industry benchmark information and to develop verifiable lists of the top-selling contractors in each of five industry segments: Paving, Sealcoating, Striping, Sweeping and Pavement Repair. To do that we needed to know:

  • Gross Sales Volume for a company’s fiscal year 2014 (regardless of the date that fiscal year ended)
  • A breakdown by percentage of the type of work that generated those 2014 sales
  • Third-party verification of that sales total (see additional explanation at the end of the survey)

To determine whether a company qualified for one (or more) of our five lists we multiplied the total 2014 sales dollars by the percentage of work done in each industry segment. For example, if Contractor ABC reported $1 million in 2014 sales and generated 50% of those sales from paving, 30% from sealcoating and 20% from striping, we would use those numbers as follows to determine which (if any) list Contractor ABC qualifies for:

  • Multiply $1 million x 50% = $500,000 paving-only sales
  • Multiply $1 million x 30% = $300,000 sealcoating-only sales
  • Multiply $1 million x 20% = $200,000 striping-only sales

Companies were then ranked largest segment-only dollars to smallest segment-only dollars and a line was drawn beneath company #75 (#50 in Pavement Repair and #25 in Sweeping). In the Sealcoating 75, for example, we would use the $300,000 number for Contractor ABC and if that number was in the top 75 companies of sealcoating-only sales then Contractor ABC would qualify for the Sealcoating 75; if the $300,000 sealcoating-only sales placed the n outside the top 75 companies, then Contractor ABC would not make the Sealcoating 75 list. The same approach was followed for all industry segments.

Once each list was determined, dollar volumes were removed and each list was reorganized in alphabetical order. (Note: These lists are not a ranking of contractors.) Participation in this survey is voluntary; next year’s survey will be open for participation online and through Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction beginning January 1, 2016.