Not a round number, by any means, but it sure is a big one. And it represents the total segment-only sales for the five 2015 Top Contractor lists. (In other words, the number includes only paving-only, sealcoating-only, striping-only, sweeping-only and pavement repair-only sales so there’s no duplication of sales dollars). So what does that $1.7-plus trillion dollar number tell us? Well, it tells us, first, that we’re on the right track. These lists (for the most part) are growing steadily (in some cases substantially, check out the Paving 75 and Sealcoating 75), giving us a clearer by-the-numbers picture of the paving & pavement maintenance industry. Anyone who thought this is an insignificant contributor to the economy need only to look at these numbers to rethink that.

Of course the lists are still developing. The Sweeping list, for example, stands still at 25 companies – 8 of whom generate significant dollars from sweeping but who are not what we would consider “sweeping contractors.” True sweeping contractors – and certainly the members of the North American Power Sweeping Association and World Sweeping Association – should increase their participation, not only to better represent their association but also to help the sweeping industry get a better view of itself.

Because in addition to generating these lists the information provided in the surveys is fodder for a “white paper” analysis that crunches more of the survey results, compares year-to-year figures, and offers some insights into what is going on in each industry segment.

That analysis – free and available only to survey participants (whether or not they qualify for any of the lists) – will be e-mailed in August.