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BMG Seltec Central Dispatching Software Solution
  • BMG Seltec's Central Dispatching software solution version 2.0 offers seamless management of the bulk materials order-to-delivery cycle for small and large producers alike.
  • Version 2.0 features extensive graphical views and real-time refreshment of the data used at production sites
  • Features include quick entry of customer demand for specific calendar day(s) by customer service or dispatching personnel, impact analysis planning graphs that can show the current demand against existing delivery demand, and extensive dynamic graphs that show current load demand against capacity (truck and plant) and the status of loads throughout the delivery cycle
  • Facilitates real-time feedback from the plant on truck status, load status and ticketing activity (shipments)
  • Allows full integration to self-service kiosks so users can easily check in and activate trucks on loads for maximum efficiency, with central, local or automatic truck assignment
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