MINDS, Inc. DrumTronic Asphalt Plant Automation & Controls

Minds Drum Tronic Control House
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Designed on the one hand from operator priorities and on the other from industry-recognized best practices, DrumTronic brings asphalt plants to a new level of extremely fine-tuned automation and control through an intuitive user interface and dedicated hardware.

  • Dependable, accurate, reliable and customizable, the DrumTronic system is ideal for a simple bitumen and aggregates blending only application, or comprehensive total plant control
  • The human interface has been thoroughly designed to represent the actual plant being controlled. The layout of information and task workflows allow for a quick understanding of the overall workings
  • The operator remains in control, and the process can be stopped and resumed anytime, while direct control of motors is always possible
  • The software is engineered to bring the best industrial practices in all production phases but is never opaque or too overriding
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