Libra Drum Controls

Libra Drum increases production and accuracy with a fully graphic operator interface that integrates with any overhead loadout system.

Libra Drum
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Libra Drum captures real-time visibility and control for blending and total plant automation. With Libra Drum, a fully graphic operator interface eases monitoring complex drum control operations to increase production and accuracy and seamlessly integrate with overhead loadout.

      • Highly customizable design allows the user to design custom software switches, create reports and adapt to the current and future plant control requirements
      • Each bin can hold multiple materials at multiple calibration points, increasing productivity and efficiency
      • The system is simple to read and provides complete plant status at a glance
      • Dynamic, color-coded graphics provide at-a-glance status pertaining to valve changes, material flow, tank lev­els, temperatures, interlocks, and any alarm conditions that require the operator’s attention
      • Aids optimization of efficiencies and allows predictive maintenance before failures take down the plant

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