Why Sustainability is Different Than 'Going Green'

Sustainability is a buzzword you hear a lot lately. But it's not the same as "going green." Let's clarify the difference between the two. The green movement focuses largely on environmental awareness and how to reduce our carbon footprint. And while sustainability does include environmental impact, it goes beyond this to encompass economic and social value as well. Asphalt contractors and producers are very good at using sustainable practices - warm mix asphalt, reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) and shingles (RAS), crumb rubber, recycled tires - these are all things that our industry is working with, developing and improving every day. And now there's another tool that can help you even more with sustainability. Last month, the Cygnus Construction Network and Caterpillar Inc. launched Sustainable Construction, a new digital publication devoted to the industry trends, products and best practices available to balance environmental, social and economic issues relative to successful sustainable construction. Asphalt contractors and producers can learn from the topics covered in each issue of Sustainable Construction and become better environmental stewards, both productively and profitably. For more information on Sustainable Construction or to view the first edition, click here.