Plant-Based Asphalt and Tar Remover Launched by The Fuel Ox

Direct replacement for diesel and harsh solvents, Infinity Lube HDI 2500 is the only non-toxic solution that treats metal directly to prevent reattachment of tars and adhesives.

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The Fuel Ox has reveled it's brand new industrial strength, plant based asphalt and tar remover. Infinity Lube Tar-minator, an eco-friendly and non-toxic, is meant to clean and protect truck beds, rims, shovels, rakes, and other metal surfaces and tools. 

According to the company, Tar-minator is a unique product within the marketplace, as it treats the metal surfaces directly through a microscopic chemical reaction. This makes the metal more resistant to sticking or reattachment from asphalt, tars, and other industrial adhesive compounds. The result is a much easier clean-up after the job is done, if a clean-up is needed at all.

Harsher alternatives like diesel fuel, citrus-based solvents, and other toxic solutions are worlds apart from Tar-minator, which was created from soybeans formulations and other renewable sources. Along with being non-toxic, it is also non-abrasive, and causes no harm to aquatic life.

“If you work with asphalt, you know how hard and expensive it can be to keep your trucks and equipment clean,” said Rand Taylor, CEO of Fuel Ox. “Fuel Ox is proud to introduce Tar-minator – certified by the USDA as a 98% bio-based product – as an alternative to using diesel fuel (a cheap, but illegal solution) or more costly citrus-based cleansers to remove tar, adhesives, grease, wax, rubber marks, tree sap and more.”

The company says that to activate Tar-minator to treat metal, unpainted surfaces, it is best to lightly scrub the surface with a wire brush or 0000 steel wool first. This will help initiate the chemical reaction between the HDI-2500 and the metal surface, which will smooth and harden the microscopic interfaces. 

Infinity Lube is currently the only 100% plant-based, non-toxic lubricant on the market, and shows significant evidence that it can outperform its counterparts in the marketplace, those based on petroleum, in some cases up to 700% more effectively. Such results can mean drastically extending the life of metal parts, tools, and other machine surfaces.

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