GDOT Offers $3.1M Bonus to Finish Collapsed I-85 Bridge Early

CW Matthews, the contractor on the Interstate 85 overpass repairs, could earn more than $3 million in bonuses for finishing by late May instead of mid-June.

The Georgia Department of Transportation set the completion date for June 15, but said if CW Matthews can finish three weeks earlier, by May 25, it'll get a $1.5 million bonus. If the contractor finishes the work by May 21, it'll get $2 million. And for every day before May 21, it'll get $200,000 for a potential grand total of $3.1 million.

"We do think these earlier dates may be achievable, and I say 'may' because this means everything has to happen perfectly," said Russell McMurry, the state transportation commissioner.

Crews have completed demolition and are fully involved in the reconstruction. Thirteen columns were damaged from the fire, but have been repaired and replaced.

Now, crews are working on the supports the beams sit on. Sixty-one were damaged from the fire, but 20 replacement beams have already been constructed and will be delivered starting Monday.

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