Warm Mix Asphalt Wins NOVA Award for Innovation

International Construction Innovation Award cites environmental, worker safety, and construction benefits of warm mix asphalt

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The National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) has received the prestigious 2013 NOVA Award from the Construction Innovation Forum (CIF) for its work to speed the deployment and uptake of warm mix asphalt.

“NAPA is proud to accept this award on behalf of the asphalt pavement industry, warm-mix technology developers, and our partners at the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and state departments of transportation nationwide. The success of warm mix is due to cooperation and a willingness to innovate from road owners and builders alike,” says NAPA President Mike Acott.

Warm mix asphalt encompasses a range of technologies used to reduce the production and placement temperature of asphalt pavement mixtures. A variety of environmental, worker safety, and construction benefits have been realized through the adoption of warm mix asphalt.

Warm mix asphalt was introduced to the United States from Europe in 2004. Since that time, the U.S. has become the leading adopter and proponent of the technology. Last year, about a quarter of all U.S. asphalt mix tonnage was produced as warm mix.

“In 2010, FHWA named warm mix asphalt as an Every Day Counts initiative because it was a proven technology with environmental and construction benefits,” says Acott. “Three years later, most states have specifications for warm mix and its use continues to grow.”

The CIF NOVA Award recognizes and advances significant innovation in all areas of the construction industry around the world. Winners are selected by a jury of internationally recognized experts following a comprehensive investigation process. To date, more than 700 nominations for the NOVA Award have been received from more than 20 countries. Worldwide, 98 innovations from 14 countries have received the coveted award.

In selecting warm mix to win a 2013 NOVA Award, the investigators cited its ability to improve compaction, reduce fuel or energy use, improve worker comfort, lengthen the paving season, and reduce overall paving costs.

The 2013 winners were announced Nov. 12 at the annual Construction Users Roundtable (CURT) National Conference in Tucson, AZ. The award was accepted by NAPA Director of Engineering Kent Hansen, P.E., and Matthew Corrigan, Program Manager at the FHWA Office of Pavement Technology.