IBTTA Emphasizes Importance of Nation's Transportation Infrastructure Needs with Toll Kit

Online toll kit provides tools and resources to engage the public, the media and policymakers on the benefits of tolling.

In advance of Infrastructure Week 2014 (May 12-16), the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association (IBTTA), the worldwide association representing toll facility owners and operators and businesses that serve them, has released its online toll kit providing tools and resources to engage the public, the media and policymakers on the benefits of tolling.

“Tolling is a proven, effective method to fund and finance roads, bridges and tunnels in 35 states and dozens of countries around the world," says Patrick D. Jones, Executive Director and CEO of IBTTA. "The advantage of tolling is that it gives people the opportunity to see where their money is being spent. Tolls go to retire toll road debt, support toll road operations, and pay for the vital maintenance needed to preserve the roadway.”

The new Grassroots Toll Kit is part of IBTTA’s “Moving America Forward” campaign", launched to facilitate a public dialogue around the need for surface infrastructure investment in the United States and around the globe. 

“Infrastructure Week 2014 is a perfect occasion for IBTTA to release this new online toll kit. With more than 45 million active electronic tolling accounts in the U.S., people recognize the value of toll roads, bridges and tunnels in providing safe, effective and reliable travel times to school, church, work or play,” says Jones.

As Congress debates how to fund the upcoming Surface Transportation Reauthorization Bill and state and local governments struggle with dwindling federal funds from the Highway Trust Fund,   “IBTTA is calling on Congress to give states the maximum flexibility needed to meet their individual transportation funding challenges,” says Jones.

The toll kit is one component of IBTTA’s Moving America Forward Campaign. Last month, IBTTA brought together more than 150 transportation leaders from across the country to call on Congress to consider tolling as one of the tools in the toolbox to fund our nation’s Interstate system.