Tensar Increases Capacity To Serve Infrastructure Growth

Advanced R&D added to accelerate geogrid innovation


Tensar International is increasing capacity in its Morrow, GA, manufacturing facility in response to customer demand for its line of geogrid products. Tensar is bringing an additional 35% production capacity on line by early 2018. 

Significant growth of Tensar’s TriAx line of geogrid products and customer requests for new variants of the product has also prompted Tensar’s further investment in research and development capabilities at its Morrow plant. 

Geogrids are gridded sheets of relatively rigid polymer material used to reinforce. anchor and support sub-soils below roads and other types of transportation and building infrastructure. 

Tensar’s geogrid products allow transportation infrastructure organizations to build better, faster, safer roads and structures with increased life span.  Tensar invented and patented the first geogrid and remains the world’s leading producer.  

“Departments of transportation, infrastructure contractors and civil engineers across the U.S. are now making geogrid technology an essential part of every road and highway project where cost, quality and sustainability matter,” said Scott Edgecombe, EVP & GM, Western Hemisphere for Tensar International. “This customer growth led to our commitment to invest in growing our Morrow plant capacity, quality and innovation capabilities,” he added.

Throughout the evolution of geogrid products, Tensar International has invested in extensive third party research and testing with major test institutes in the North America. In addition to increasing production capacity,

Tensar’s Morrow facility is embedding real time/lean six sigma methodologies across its operations and is enhancing its R&D rapid prototyping capabilities and testing equipment at the plant.

As a result, Tensar’s Morrow plant will be a prime driver of next generation geotechnical solutions for transportation infrastructure issues and will be have substantial capacity to supply them to growing markets. 

Tensar has located facilities in the Clayton County area of Georgia - close to the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport – for over 30 years.  The Morrow facility is already one of the largest manufacturing facilities in global geo grid industry and maintains a world-class safety record.  The plant will continue its growth in Morrow as a 100% U.S.-owned, operated and staffed facility.