Titan Additives

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Honeywell Titan additives for asphalt are designed to decrease manufacturing and paving costs while helping meet demanding road specifications.

  • Reduces the fuel required to mix asphalt by 13% and harmful emissions generated by road paving by as much as 82%, while helping to minimize rutting; can also reduce the amount of additive required by nearly 30%
  • Improved asphalt fluidity allows for temperature reduction during both the manufacturing and paving processes
  • Doesn’t require high shear mix equipment, making it easy to handle and use.
  • Peer-reviewed data demonstrate that adding this additive to asphalt can reduce paving-related emissions of sulfur dioxide by 82%, nitrogen oxides by 43%, volatile organic compounds by 19%, and carbon dioxide by 18%
  • Low viscosities above their melting point and high heat resistance
  • Available in a variety of product forms and packaging.
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