Divinol Environmentally Friendly Asphalt Release Agents

High temperatures during paving and transport of asphalt and strong mechanical influences require high-quality release agents that are a reliable alternative to standard release agents

Asphaltierung Trennmittel

Zeller+Gmelin offers two environmentally friendly alternatives in the Divinol product range which are cost effectively and have a high performance potential.       

  • Alternative to aggressive and environmentally harmful release agents Divinol Asphalt WM Premium is a concentrate for the production of a very stable plant-based release agent emulsion for rolled asphalt for road pavers and asphalt mixing plants
  • Another non-labeled product based on renewable raw materials is Divinol Asphalt MP, a mineral oil-free product that was specially developed for stone mastic asphalt (polymer-modified asphalt - PmB) as well as for open-pore asphalt (OPA - whisper asphalt) and is usually used undiluted
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