Astec Reveals IntelliPac Moisture System for Asphalt Producers

Astec shows off more of what it plans to bring to the show, this time for asphalt plants and producers.

Intellipac Image

Having just revealed multiple new products and upgrades in our World of Asphalt Preview for milling and paving, today Astec revealed details surrounding its new IntelliPac moisture system for asphalt aggregate storage. The tool is designed to give operators real-time data and insights into their virgin aggregate moisture contents, allowing them to then make precision alterations during the process, and ultimately enabling efficiency gains and cost savings.

Astec believes the cutting-edge system will provide unmatched visibility and information about a plants materials by employing a unique approach to gauging virgin aggregate composite moisture levels, which should provide greater accuracy and consistency during production. Crews will have immediate access to vital data points like never before, according to the company. 

One such data point is the systems record of historical data, and the ability to track and analyze that information looking for trends in the composite moisture levels. This data and its analysis can then be used further to optimize production by making more informed decisions. 

Astec IntelliPac Moisture System is poised to be a game-changer for the industry," said Aaron Schoolfield, Director of Parts Sales. "By delivering real-time data and insights into moisture levels, this innovative system empowers operators to optimize mix designs and minimize costly material waste. It's a leap forward in efficiency and quality control. Astec is proud to introduce this powerful tool to our customers. It is a testament to our commitment to advancing cutting-edge technologies that benefits our customers and the road construction industry.

The IntelliPac system is fully integrated into the control system of your plant, enabling rapid adjustments on-the-go, creating a more dynamic and responsive environment for producers. This level of visibility into virgin aggregate moisture allows for more precise addition of liquid asphalt cement, ensuring optimal asphalt mix consistency. Additionally, operators can fine-tune burner operations based on real-time moisture values, maximizing energy efficiency and reducing operational costs. 

By having access to this quality and specificity of data, and being able to make more fine-tuned changes to the production process, the system can contribute to, not only a better quality final product, but, also, to a more cost efficient enterprise. 

Astec has always been at the forefront of asphalt innovation, and the IntelliPac Moisture System is no exception," said Greg Renegar, Vice President, Customer Success. "This cutting-edge technology represents a leap forward in moisture control, empowering producers with the data and insights they need to revolutionize their operations. With the IntelliPac Moisture System, Astec is once again leading the way towards a more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable future for asphalt production.”

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