Astec Inc. World of Asphalt Preview 2024

You can find Astec Inc. at World of Asphalt booth #1263.

Astec Roadtec Rx 405 Cold Planer
Provided by Astec Industries

Astec ReMix Cold Central Plant Recycling (CCPR) System. This cutting-edge system is designed to address the industry's growing need for sustainable road construction practices by efficiently utilizing reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) stockpiles. The Astec ReMix CCPR reliably churns out 300 tons per hour. Its modular design means it can be configured to exact needs. It's built on decades of Astec expertise, producing reliable performance through its field-proven technology, including the pugmill, foaming system, and controls. And when it comes to maintenance, ReMix CCPR shines. Easy access means less downtime, more uptime, ensuring an operation maintains production.

Astec ReMix CCPR employs cold recycling technology, a sustainable approach to road construction that minimizes the environmental impact. By reusing RAP materials and mixing them at ambient temperatures, the system significantly reduces the need for both virgin aggregate and energy for heating the mix. This conserves natural resources and lowers carbon emissions.


Astec IntelliPac Moisture System

An innovative solution poised to revolutionize asphalt production by providing unparalleled visibility into virgin aggregate moisture levels. This cutting-edge system is equipped with advanced features that empower operators with real-time data and insights, allowing for precise adjustments that can result in significant cost savings.


RP-195 Paver with first look at SmartEdge Screed Automation 

Astec Roadtec Rp 195 PaverProvided by Astec Industries

The RP-195 features a fully oscillating track frame to provide a smooth ride and lay a smoother mat. The RP-195 is also equipped with our exclusive anti-segregation design of the feed tunnel, discharge and rear augers. The heavy-duty frame, solid front axle and sturdy conveyors are engineered for durability. Seats on the dual operator stations can move hydraulically out beyond the sides of the machine to give the operator an excellent view down the sides of the paver. Visitors to World of Asphalt will be able to get a first look at the new SmartEdge screed automation system which utilizes advanced laser technology to precisely control joint matching automatically. 


RX-405 Cold-Planer with first look at new Operator Environmental Awareness System

Astec Roadtec Rx 405 Cold PlanerProvided by Astec Industries

The versatile RX-405 milling machine is ideal for contractors who need a smaller cold planer that offers versatility and flexibility in a variety of applications. Contractors of all sizes benefit from a powerful machine that can tackle size-restrictive job sites like trenches, utility work and parking lots. Visitors to World of Asphalt will get a first look at the new operator environmental awareness system. This industry leading camera system provide a full 360° view around the machine. No other machine in the industry has this level of onboard safety awareness.