Safety Is A Concrete Idea

With the month of May home to Building Safety Month and Construction Safety Week, as editor for Concrete Contractor, I was lucky enough to have spoken with some great people that also put safety top of mind.

Concrete Safety
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One of the issues I like to stay on top of is safety. May was Building Safety Month and Construction Safety Week was observed May 1-5, if schedules go as planned, this issue is hitting your desk past these events. Regardless, I wanted to take the opportunity in this issue's letter to bring forward a handful of safety stories.

I was lucky enough over the past half year or so to have spoken with some great people that also put safety top of mind.

  • Concrete Strategies reached out and I learned more about their safety program. You might remember them through a profile piece published within this year's January/February issue. 
  • I worked with Rob Edwards, the person to talk with if you're learning about concrete boom pump safety. We spoke for about an hour and a half about hose-whipping and published an article together on the subject. 
  • Addressing ground-pressures and tipovers, Kris Koberg of DICA wrote on how dunnage or outrigger pads are a critical piece of the solution. 
  • Further on concrete pumping, the American Concrete Pumping Association launched their safety campaign to heighten awareness on ASME B30.27, the Safety Standard for Material Placement Systems. Their microsite received a Gold Hermes Creative Award. 
  • AmTrust Financial supplied 7 ways to improve scaffolding safety. One of their suggestions: perform an inspection - guardrails, ties, and connectors can become missing or damaged over time. 
  • I also spoke with AWP Safety about work zone safety (National Work Zone Awareness Week was observed April 17-21) about relying on a partner help support your team. One of the major takeaways here was awareness. They suggested that an extra minute or two needed to step back from a situation and reevaluate may allow you to consider something you might have missed. Sounds a worthwhile idea to me.

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As always, thanks for reading. (And stay safe out there.)