Spread the word about pervious concrete

Every once in a while you read about a ridiculous study that makes you wonder why on Earth someone would want to/need to know that information. I just ran across one of those studies today. But after thinking about it a little bit I realized how this information impacts my Concrete Contractor readers. The recent study found that Tippecanoe County in Indiana has a total of 355,000 parking spaces for 155,000 county residents. An article about the study goes on to say that parking lots contribute to pollution in our lakes and rivers and also increase urban heating. The article, however, offers essentially no suggestion for combating stormwater runoff pollution or the heat island effect. Concrete contractors hold the perfect solution to both these problems with pervious concrete. As the green building movement grows, it's important for the concrete industry to keep the general public informed of the ways concrete fits into green building. Pervious concrete is just one solution concrete offers customers looking to make their projects green. Spread the word!