Would you let your customers choose a price?

Let's say you just finished a stamped residential driveway for a client, or maybe a backyard patio slab. The job is over, everyone is happy, and the homeowner turns to you and says, "What do I owe you?" Then you say, "I don't know, you tell me. Pay me what you think this job is worth." Crazy! That's certainly not something that would happen in the concrete industry, or many industries for that matter. People need to eat and buy shoes! But recently, music group Radiohead released its latest CD online and is allowing fans to download the entire album for whatever they think it's worth. I think it's important to know what your clients are willing to pay for work in you market, but not necessarily what they WANT to pay. Don't take business management advice from the music industry. Instead, check out the Running Your Business section at ForConstructionPros.com, where you'll find helpful advice and articles from business management professionals.