Technology improves jobsite efficiency

In today's competitive construction market, where customers are demanding high quality and contractors are struggling to balance tight profit margins and a lack of qualified labor, the magic equation for keeping a business successful is increased productivity with the same amount or less labor. When contractors can figure out how to do this, they'll see their job costs decrease and their profits rise. This week I had an inside look at how many contractors across the construction industry are finding results in this equation when I attended the Trimble Dimensions conference in Las Vegas. I enjoyed several seminars explaining how technology can improve jobsite productivity, and I want to share some of the ideas I learned in a seminar presented by Tim Gordon and Tim Carr of Custom Concrete out of Indiana. Custom Concrete uses a robotic total station and Trimble's LM80 layout manager. Tim Carr says with this setup they can tackle the most intricate and complicated of projects. "If it can be drawn, we can lay it out," he says. Other benefits Custom Concrete has seen with this system: Fewer people on the layout job, increasing competition and shrinking margins Minimize human error on transfer of data Allows them to check accuracy of plans provided by GC or surveyor Ability to take on complicated projects the competition doesn't want to take on Allows them to work in conjunction with surveyors Allows them to place points they need that a surveyor might not generally supply Tell me about your success stories in integrating technology into your company to increase productivity by commenting to this post.