Do you work on vacation?

The holiday season is upon us. For some of us it means days off here and there to visit friends and family, catch up on last-minute holiday shopping, or get some prep work done for a huge culinary undertaking. When you're off the job for holidays or vacations, are you like one-third of the working population who still stays connected with the office via phone or email even though their cubicle is bare? Or have you ever sacrificed your precious time off to come into the office because someone needs you? More and more, work is moving up the priority list of life, so much so that you can now buy trip cancellation insurance that covers "work-related cancellations," as discussed in this recent New York Times article. Business owners often feel pressure to stay connected to their businesses when away from the office, while others have systems in place at the office that run day-in and day-out whether the boss is in or not. Write in and tell me what you have done at your business or within your position to ensure you get the most out of your days off. And have a Happy Thanksgiving!