Hoover Bypass: North America's Largest Concrete Arch

Hooverdam 10417576

Working in the construction industry, I see projects of all sizes -- from backyard patios to multi-story buildings. Recently I've been keeping an eye on a particular project that is just huge, and the imagery is out of this world (the image here is from The Hoover Dam Bypass Project Web site).

It's the Hoover Dam bypass bridge, formally known as the Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. The bridge will shuffle traffic over the Arizona-Nevada border, 890 feet above the Colorado River. When complete, it will be the largest concrete arch in North America.

If you're a concrete nut, the project is worth checking out. The Las Vegas Sun covers the bridge construction closely, with great imagery. And with another concrete marvel  -- the Hoover Dam -- less than a half-mile upstream, the area is a true concrete mecca.