Grab some extra dollars on a concrete driveway project

Today's Chicago Tribune ran an article on concrete driveways. With Spring approaching (or already present in most parts of the U.S.), many homeowners will be looking for contractors to do various jobs around their homes like driveways, grilling patios and walkways. A little research and smart marketing can help concrete contractors grab some extra dollars on these types of projects. Got a homeowner who wants an estimate on replacing a concrete driveway? Give them a three-tier estimate -- the plain concrete, colored concrete with a stamped border, and a fully stamped drive and stained concrete. You'll be giving homeowners options they might not know about or know they wanted. A homeowner might not be able to afford a fully stamped and stained driveway, but a stamped pattern at the end of the driveway or a stamped border around the edge will give them some decorative flair and you some extra dollars.