Daily jobsite duties: 1. Build new Yankee Stadium, 2. Remove hex

As a member of the construction industry, you're called on to perform jobs of all sizes, restore historic buildings, help give school children a place to learn and sick people a place to regain their health. But did you ever think you'd be called upon to remove a hex placed on the New York Yankees by some Red Sox-rooting, construction worker wise guy?!?! I had a great chuckle when I read an article in the New York Times that detailed two construction workers jackhammering through two and a half feet of concrete in order to excavate a David Ortizjersey a Red Sox fanatic buried in a recently poured slab as a means of placing a hex on the new Yanakee Stadium. Baseball fans, I just don't get you ...  But here's my question -- Should the construction worker who buried that jersey, which resulted in who knows how much rework, get fired? Let me know what you think!