Concrete Canoe Competition Draws Near

I'm not one for watching sports. I know the Penguins recently lost the Stanley Cup (but really can't say for sure who won ...). I know as of today the Celtics are up 2-0 in the NBA finals and play again tonight. I know my dad likes the Brewers. But beyond any sports coverage that doesn't make headline news, I'm kinda lost. One exception, however, is concrete canoe racing. Since becoming editor of a concrete magazine, I've embraced this off-the-wall sport. And coincidentally, my alma mater, the University of Wisconsin--Madison, is a powerhouse in the concrete canoe racing world. If they win this year's national competition in Montreal, Canada, June 19-21, it will be national titles six years in a row! Go Badgers! Check out the other universities competing in this year's event at the official website for the competition. Let me know who you are rooting for!