What are you doing to reduce fuel costs?

I was reading about the recently announced Doosan Fuel Duel, in which Doosan will give eligible contractors $2,000 for tracking and submitting fuel data. It got me thinking about fuel savings and the things people can do to conserve fuel. I work from home when I can, which at today's current gas prices saves me roughly $7 each day I avoid my commute into the office. I have a good number of friends in my neighborhood, and we make an effort to pick restaurants within walking distance for our get togethers. Several months ago I started asking contractors what they do to conserve fuel. Many of them mention carpooling to jobsites, or even choosing more energy efficient vehicles for their fleets. Others carefully plan travel routes or use GPS systems to monitor their work vehicles. What are you doing within your company to save fuel? Comment back to this post with your ideas for cutting fuel costs with your commuting or towing vehicles and your work site equipment.