12 Days of Construction Christmas 2019 - Tablet Tool Belt

You carry your tools around your waist on a tool belt, why not do the same with your tablet and have it ready when you need it?

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Continuing the 12 Days of Construction Christmas 2019 gift ideas...

One the sixth day of Construction Christmas my boss gave to me — Tablet Tool Belt

The use of mobile devices for work on the jobsite is increasing. It isn't uncommon to see foremen and even laborers using tablets and smartphones to help carry out their job duties. But as we know, the construction jobsite isn't the safest place for expensive, fragile electronic devices. And a pant or jacket pocket isn't always the best protection or place to keep your mobile devices.

Consider RUNNUR's Tablet Tool Belt with the OtterBox uniVERSE case system. It is designed to hold an iPad 10.5 and Samsung Galaxy S4, Active 2 and A8. The tool belt aims to eliminate dropped and broken devices in the field. RUNNUR believes carrying your tablet around your waist allows for quicker access to the device as well as the ability to be hands free when you are not using the device but still need to keep it with you.

The tool belt features a security cord and a buckle locking mechanism. The universal mount mounts to all standard device cases with a hard/flat backside. The OtterBox Mount is also available.It is available in five wearable solutions:

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