How to Improve Late-Season Paving

If the unexpected snowfall throughout the northeast doesn't shut down work for the season (sure hope not) it at least serves to remind us all the season is nearing its end in many parts of the country. But contractors who have work on the books still want to make sure to fit it in -- these final weeks are often the weeks that can turn an acceptable year into a good one.

Just don't push material, equipment, or any jobs past the "best practices" we all know. Sealer and paint should be applied when the temperature is 50 degrees and rising, patches should be saw cut, squared up, tack coated and placed in lifts (if deep enough), and infrared repair has the advantage of being able to work year-round on patch and repair jobs.

For contractors still working to squeeze in paving jobs Pavia Systems offers The Game-Winning Drive: Strategies for Late-Season Paving with tips on planning, hauling, paving and compaction. Well worth a look.