Where's Your Next Job Coming From? How about New Residential Construction?

When was the last time you read or thought about pursuing that market?

Most contractors are in a year-end sprint, firming up last-minute bids, getting in as many end-of-season jobs as they can before the weather becomes too much of a problem. But as the season winds down we're all looking toward 2013 to see where new work might be available.

And recent economic reports are showing there's some signs of life out there in places that have been virtually dead for years.

One of the most significant reports is what The Wall Street Journal terms a "surge" in home building. On Oct. 18 The Journal reported residential housing "picked up momentum" in September and is now running at its highest level in four years. The Journal reported that contractors started work on new houses and apartment buildings at a seasonally adjusted 872,000 units -- a 15% increase over August and a 35.8% increase from Septmber 2011.

If that continues paving contractors and (for multi-family buildings) striping contractors could have a growth area to pursue next year.

If you've seen signs of this happenign in your market, good for you! Let us know!