4 Tips To Improve Your Bottom Line

NAPSA offers 4 tips to help contract sweepers improve business and bottom line.

Reducing any cost of business is a challenge. Fixed or variable, companies in today’s market are taking a long and hard look at where costs can be trimmed in order to balance budgets. Sometimes it takes spending a little time and effort, and maybe money, to make money. Here are some areas of improvement that can ultimately affect your bottom line positively:

 * Review any insurance loss history. Determine the action that led to the incident and plan how this can be corrected. Remember efficient crisis containment begins with preparedness. Spend some time looking at the “what ifs”. Determine what action would be needed to minimize human or asset loss.


  • Train your employees in safety as well as proper equipment use. Develop a written program that can be implemented and monitored for both of these areas. Review the plan annually and add or refine as needed.


  • How are your hiring practices? Background checks, drug/alcohol testing and motor vehicle reports will save your company from costly hiring mistakes.


  • Maintain your equipment properly and routinely. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” so once again, be prepared.


Participate in industry groups such as the North American Power Sweeping Association. By joining your industry’s association, you are making a commitment to improving your business and industry. The benefits of membership are as valuable as you want to make them. Take advantage of the discount services or the Certified Sweeping Company program, the Contractor Locator or the discounted education and training sessions. Association membership, it just makes “cents”!



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