A Few More Tips for a Fun Contracting Life

Brad Humphrey offers contractors tips to bringing fun into the office.

In January’s  “Tailgate Talk” column Pinnacle Development Group’s Brad Humphrey offers a few of the tips from his Pavement LIVE seminar, “Putting Fun Back into your Contracting Life.” Here are a couple more of Brad’s suggestions:

Celebrate Anniversaries & Birthdays

Adding another ripple to the celebration theme, make a big deal out of years of service anniversaries of your workers, and their birthdays. I’ve found that many construction workers, especially the laborers, will often play down their own starting dates and their birthdays — but deep down they love the attention.

If you’re not a construction owner or leader who looks forward to getting older don’t let that stop you from celebrating the same for your workers. You might find that celebrating anniversaries and birthdays, with the traditional cake and ice cream (and don’t be afraid to add those party hats and whistles!) might just create some pretty funny moments for your company. Be sure to take pictures and hang them up in the office for more good laughs!

Take Your Workers Paint Balling, Bowling or Laser-Tag

OK, so this costs a little money — but it’s fun! Getting reconnected to your employees can be really easy by just putting everyone into a situation where there are bound to be some “Kodak Moments” created. This effort not only allows everyone to let off a little steam and stress, it reminds you of how special your workers are. Take your company out for Paint Ball and just try to keep from smiling and laughing. Remember, have a lot of disposable cameras around to remember those “great” moments.


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