Leading Your Employees in the “Dog Days” and Beyond

NPE 2016 offer leadership Boot Camp

In the midst of the “dog days of summer” you’re pushing to get in as many days as you can and as many hours in each of those days because you want to keep your customers happy and get their work done. Plus, you want to get that revenue in your pocket because, as many contractors will attest, you cover your nut by Labor Day and everything you make after that falls to the bottom line.

Whether or not that date holds true for your business, there’s no question contractors push to get through the end of the season. And in Tailgate Talk (page 70), Pinnacle Development Group’s Brad Humphrey discusses the importance of keeping your employees fresh and motivated through the long season and he offers eight tips to help you make that happen.

Brad’s just the right guy to tackle that topic, too. He specializes in leadership training, employee coaching and hundreds of contractors throughout the world have hired him on a consulting basis to work within their companies – but not to motivate or coach their employees (though that does happen). They bring him in to teach their management level employees – owners, presidents, vice presidents, crew supervisors, foremen – how to motivate and manage employees themselves, so they can do it on their own without Brad there.

At the upcoming National Pavement Expo, Jan. 27-30 in Charlotte, NC, we’ve asked Brad to bring his “Boot Camp Plus: Taking the Next Step in Leadership” to NPE attendees. And because this Boot Camp is more intense NPE has devoted an entire day to it – so it takes place on Jan. 26 as a pre-convention program, the day before NPE officially starts.

Given the struggles contractors are having finding, hiring and retaining quality workers it only makes sense that you try to train and motivate the workers you have, then retain the ones you want. This day-long program will give you the tools and techniques you need to accomplish just that.

Check out the Boot Camp Plus details at www.nationalpavementexpo.com and click Pre-Conference. And you can register for hotels and the rest of the NPE conference there as well.